The Glue-Like Nature of Evil: How Can an Innocent Girl Torture Hitler in Hell Without Being There Herself?


By Larry Moffitt

Larry_Moffitt_edited-1This topic is central to human happiness. A couple of “givens” obvious to you, but which I have to insist upon when speaking to my glitterati ca­fé society friends, is that when people die they don’t just go poof. They still exist in some form. Their conscious spirit lives on some­where else. Some take their earthly baggage, and the worry lines on their faces with them, while others are able to put the past behind and start over.

The image of people sitting around on clouds, playing harps, is as clichéd as cops in donut shops, and I don’t expect to see that there. I think people have assignments and real work to do in the spirit world. They roll up their ectoplasmic sleeves and start taking names.

One of the most interesting dead people I know is Adolf Hitler, the pos­t­er child for evil, a man so wicked that today it’s against the law in Ger­many and Austria to have Hitler as a family name. They re­tired his jer­sey, so to speak.

I had read an article written by a man, Dr. Lee, who had died and was ap­par­ent­ly communicating via an earthly medium with some re­cog­niz­ed ability. He had been a scholar in his earthly life and had a general rep­u­ta­tion of being truthful and trustworthy. In his messages from be­yond, he said he had been assigned to visit all kinds of peo­ple and talk with them about their lives, what they did right and wrong, etc., and then report back to us, the so-called “living.”

I acknowledge that some people (but surely not you, gentle reader) don’t believe in the existence of a spirit world, and therefore don’t buy in­to the notion that spiritual communication is anything but bogus. Oth­ers believe everything.

Just as we surely know “if it’s on the in­ter­net it must be true,” so also do some think every utterance from the spir­it world is gospel. However, a lying SOB here is still a lying SOB af­ter he dies. Dying doesn’t suddenly make you a good person, or smart.

But neither is everyone over there full of beans. Honest people do exist. All this is just to say that interaction with the spirit world is an inexact sci­ence, and although I have experienced messages from spirits, even from God, I believe, I am completely sympathetic with anyone who thinks the whole idea of spiritual communication is a crock.

Back to Dr. Lee. Our intrepid, and currently dead, reporter described an arduous search for Hitler before finally finding him hanging out in a desolate, gray and featureless place. Literally hanging out. He found the former Führer suspended a few feet off the ground, against the side of a tree. Tied by his arms and feet, he hung spread-eagle and naked.

Dr. Lee reported seeing an enormous throng of people that stretched down the street and off into the distance. A nearly limitless parade of en­raged souls filed past Hitler, and as they did, they screamed at him or scratched him, struck him with a club or smash­ed his testicles with a chunk of jagged brick. If I were Hitler, this treat­ment would get old really fast.

Reading that, it seemed an unimaginable hell for everyone involved. I en­vision­ed a pile of bricks and rocks stacked alongside the path near the tree. Each person picks out a nice chunk, hefts it, approaches the tree and gives Hitler a solid whack to the privates. They hand the brick to the one behind them or keep it and walk all the way back down the hill, around the corner and over the horizon to get in line again. Their an­ger, self-fueling as the sun, has never been quenched or even abated by a single degree since Hitler took his life in the Führerbunker in April 1945.

Again, with the caveat that any discussion of what goes on in spirit world is tinged with a certain “woo-woo factor” and requires flexibility in one’s conventional knowledge, I have no trouble envisioning this hor­ri­fic scene of resentment that cannot be resolved. It’s an unending circle of evildoer and victims locked together forever in a macabre dance that e­ven­tu­al­ly acquires its own self-contained feeling of “normal.”

Now for the part that’s hard to think about. Dr. Lee spoke through his earth-side medium about meeting a young Jewish woman there, in­no­cent and a virgin we assume, who was part of the mob crowding around Hit­ler. She had been killed under horrific conditions, possibly in a con­cen­tra­tion camp gas chamber. I wondered what a relatively blameless wo­man would be doing in this cold, gray hell with Hitler for 70 years. There is no reason for her to be there unless she was unable to move on, “bound” to Hitler by her inconsolable sorrow or hatred, or what­ever strong emotion kept her there.

All we were told about the woman is that she had been there since the war and was miserable. Her circumstance begs an enormous “why?” that has important implications regarding the nature of the spirit world. This young woman should have been, if not in heaven, a much higher and bright­er place than where she was currently. A Jew in Nazi Germany, her only crime was the bad luck of wrong time and place.

It seems Hitler, by his extreme evil, not only consigned his own soul to hell, but keeps millions of others stuck there in that awful grim­i­ness, un­a­ble to get past the blockage of their pain and resentment at hav­ing been murdered by the Nazis.

The Awakening

Photo of “The Awakening,” a 70-foot sculpture by John Seward Johnson II, taken by Jeff Kubina in March 2007.

Sometime after Dr. Lee’s article came out, I read something else that men­tion­ed Hitler somehow being “liberated,” in that he was allowed to get down from the tree. Maybe that’s all it was, but ma­ny who hap­pen­ed to read about this reacted with derisive contempt. Another big “why?” emerges. Where is the justice in liberating Hitler? Does Hit­ler have a “Get Out of Hell Free card?” I don’t think so. I am ac­count­a­ble for my sins and imagine I always will be.

All I can come up with is that Hitler being allowed to come down from his pointless, although well-deserved, torture had as much to do with the innocent souls trapped there with him as it did with Hitler himself. If he could be allowed to be out working on his penance, then maybe the people in that long, bitter queue could get on with their own des­tin­ies as well. Maybe all those victims could finally step into the light and go to much brighter, warmer, happier places.

And what of Hitler? Between 60 and 70 million people were killed in World War II and Hitler must still be held accountable for many mil­lions of deaths. When I use the word “liberation” for him it’s in a rel­a­tive sense. I think his existence could have become one of a different kind of suf­fer­ing, an anguished atonement, for a long time to come.

Perhaps liberation means he is allowed to at last begin the long and pain­ful course of his own restoration. If Hitler, now a wanderer in the spir­it­ual realms, is required to have his ticket punched by everyone he kil­led or put into sorrow, I can’t imagine how long this would take. His road to forgiveness could take a few millennia to complete. We don’t know his state of mind or to what degree he realizes the extent of the evil he committed.

Dr. Lee’s report also helped me understand that God really is all about heal­ing and patience and love. If I were as merciful and far-sighted as God, I think I would have altered Hitler’s circumstances too, for the sake of the Jews. My sympathy would be with that young woman, some­body’s daughter, potentially a loving wife and mother – whose pre­cious life was cruelly squandered by the most brutal arrogance. For her to be able to finally get on with pursuing her destiny, to be set free to ex­per­i­ence the joy that is a human being’s birthright, instead of circling end­les­sly around Hit­ler’s tree, consumed by loathing in that grease-wa­ter swamp – for her to be unshackled from her resentment – would be worth any price.

I would think it worth even peeling Hitler off that tree and sending him out on his long march of expiation, over endless mountains through un­num­ber­ed towns and villages in the spirit lands, looking people in the eye, begging the forgiveness of millions one person at a time, praying for all this to someday be over.

Larry Moffitt is Vice President of The Washington Times Foundation. Mile markers along his life’s path include: husband and father, farmer and beekeeper, fiction writer, editor, blogadero, amateur chef, stand-up comedian, and so-so poet. He is currently working on a new book, Searching for SanViejo: Observations of an Obscure, Early Twenty-First Century Essayist.

6 thoughts on “The Glue-Like Nature of Evil: How Can an Innocent Girl Torture Hitler in Hell Without Being There Herself?

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  1. That’s a lot of words there, hermano; a litany, in fact, and of course.
    Collateral damage.
    It happens.
    Will oneness ever cease — or really ever happen?
    In this life — or the next?
    Indeed, it does make (the solo) one, on occasion, insane.
    Or maybe it is simply the lot of us all.
    Always will be . . . until . . . the Great (Terrible?) Day.
    Compassion, ever and always.

    It may be interesting to examine the question in the heading of this post.
    Perhaps it is inconsistent with the actual piece.
    For the question, “How Can an Innocent Girl Torture Hitler in Hell Without Being There Herself?” does not really seem to be the question.

    An “innocent” does not torture another — no matter how much he/she has been tortured — if one is to believe in any of the dictums or examples found within all advanced religion (namely, to love the enemy, to forgive; yes, always to forgive and see the “other” as but a part of oneself, one’s family).

    It would seem to me that resentment is less the issue, than mere blindness.
    Turpentine can melt the glue, but what can melt (or meld) our hearts?

  2. What you wrote illustrates clearly that the perpetrator and the victim(s) share the same space. The victims would surely love to enjoy more pleasant, colorful and peaceful surroundings. What holds them in a hellish place, though, is that they feel that the accounts with the one who made them suffer are not settled. As long as this continues, they feel they have to stay, right there, in this awful and repugnant place.

    In truth, there is no obligation for the victims to stay there. There is a ticket, readily available for them all, to move on. There is a small price to pay though: it’s called forgiveness.

    The victims could say: “I am sick and tired to be loathing in that grease-wa­ter swamp. I am out of here!” Lewis B. Smedes said: “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

    That young girl, you talk about Larry, can set herself free anytime. She does not have to wait for the perpetrator to move anywhere. “You always had the power, my dear. You had it all along” comes to mind. It applies in the hellish quarters too, not just in the land of Oz.

    Furthermore, this applies to us also, who are still on this earth. Finding the strength to forgive is the ticket to fly anywhere our heart desires. Keeping grudges, having resentments are like chains that hold us down. All of us have the keys to loosen our own chains. God did not create victims. Knowing that gives us the power to liberate our own heart.

  3. Hitler was liberated by Rev. Moon at a ceremony in 1989 by the bunker in which he died. Working in Germany at the time, we were very conscious of the fact that “evil spirits” dominated the people on the ground, prevented them from perceiving any principle and caused sickness and even death in the weak. It was therefore necessary to liberate Germany so she could once again function as a healthy state might. Shortly after this the wall came down. Hitler’s liberation supposedly allowed him the freedom to work for this better society and better spiritual world so I am quite sure it was not just a free ticket.

    The Divine Principle states that historical failures led to mounting pressure, hence to both world wars. In that respect what is required is a method of restoration. That becomes a Cain-Abel formulaic solution where the Principle goes on to say God chooses Cain and Abel to overcome their difficulties and to prepare the ground for a better future. Thus, Germany was chosen to be a participant in a restorational model carrying the full weight of the processes. From the outcome of the war a new Europe rose with new potentials.

    Of course what Europe does or does not do after the fact is up to education, choice, and whatever vision people have of their future. However I think in this light, what is incumbent upon those who agree, is to forgive, honor Germany for her very difficult role in the history of restoration and allow her to take an creative place in the European community. We move on. Naturally, we grieve the fact of the whole war and the other losses just as much if not more, but the point is to learn beyond that, that unresolved issues call all sorts of people into a hell, often knowingly or blindly, of their own making. In some way, we are part and parcel of the misfortunes and procrastinations of history. I for one, hope we have moved on from those dark days but more alert to the fact that peace is still not upon us. We are still short of peace and nowhere near the dream of universal tolerance, creativity, co-prosperity, justice or indeed of a needful understanding of spiritual realities which inform the unfolding universe and our personal lives. This article might serve as an opener to these things.

  4. Dear Larry,

    Very insightful article. Dr. Lee’s story is so powerful exactly because of the point you raise. Not only the “innocent” girl but everyone there is tethered to Hitler by their own resentment. It seems that both the emotions of love and hate can tie us to others. That helps one understand more deeply why Jesus emphasized turning the other cheek, loving the enemy and praying for and doing good to those who injure us. It is for our sake, it liberates our soul. Just as resentment doesn’t come all in one day, one flash, getting rid of resentment isn’t a one time flash of change of conscience. It takes conscious effort and work.

    One method shared with me by two UTS scholars is the ancient Hawaiian method called ho’oponopono. Although deeper and more complex than there is room to explain here, the practice basically consists of repeating four phrases: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Almost any person or situation can benefit from receiving these words even if not in the actual presence of the person speaking them.

    Overcoming resentment is one of the central responsibilities we are all called on to do. God, True Parents and Jesus have had to overcome resentment we can’t even imagine. With insight gained from articles such as yours and the various tools given to us, we can liberate ourselves and not perpetuate the historical resentments which continue to fester as numerous conflicts and wars.

  5. Great article! Love the part about how those in spirit world are the same as they were on earth — dying doesn’t make you good or smart. That’s what I always say!

    And indeed those who harbor resentment are in the same place as those evil doers. And of course we feel sympathy toward all those who suffered and died miserable deaths at the hands of such as Hitler. It’s even worse to realize they are still suffering. And it would certainly be more difficult to “get over it and get on with their lives” once they’re dead — and we know that people on earth have a hard time forgiving and moving forward.

    So who can solve this first — those on earth or those in spirit world? For those such as the young Jewish girl it seems they might not have any descendants on earth who can overcome resentment and liberate her — the returning resurrection model. Still, it seems for those of us still on earth that it’s a good idea to let go of all our resentments while we’re alive. Then maybe we can help those in spirit world do the same after we go there.

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