Faith and Giving

Rev. Sun Myung Moon 

By Bruce Sutchar

bruce_sutcharJesus taught us that it is better to give than to receive.  It’s hard to really believe this until we ourselves have children.  Then we realize at Christmas that it is more joyful to watch our children opening their presents than to open our own.  But there is a deep connection between giving and faith.  It doesn’t work if we give gifts in hope or expectation that we will receive something in return.

In summer 2012, I was given the blessing of going to a seminar in Korea.  On the very first morning, Rev. Sun Myung Moon spoke for about nine hours.

Mrs. Moon tried several times to get him to stop.  She explained that many of the guests had just arrived the night before, that they had not gotten any sleep or that they had not eaten since their last meal on the plane.  Rev. Moon could not be dissuaded, not even when Mother Moon asked him to meet her at the boat dock (an obvious ploy).  He said that if Mother Moon wanted to see him, she should come back to the hall where he was speaking.

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