The Feminine Spiritual Tsunami Headed Our Way


By Tony Scazzero and Jeanne Carroll

Tony 1 W.I.M.G. thumbnail copy_edited-1Jeanne CarrollThe current patriarchal culture as seen in many societies has been perceived by some as the unseen cause of many problems in the world. Societies that have a strong masculine culture are suffering the effects of the imbalance of masculinity and femininity. Although there have been political, military and economic solutions aimed at the problem, has anyone declared that gender imbalance may be the cause as well as the solution to the current crisis?

The empowering of women is a revolutionary idea that has not gotten much traction in many cultures. Paradoxically, true brotherly love is absent when there are no mothers, aunts, daughters and sisters involved. Can a solution to today’s problems be traced back to a gender imbalance that has its cause in the misunderstanding of God’s original design for masculinity and femininity?

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