Thoughts on Sanctuary Church, Revisited


By Tyler Hendricks

14_12_CfE_Tyler 10.55.08 pmMy recent video, “Thoughts on Sanctuary Church,” elicited affirmative responses as well as detailed criticism and ad hominem comments. I’m grateful for it all and want to summarize “Thoughts” and the main criticisms, and respond to the latter.

I began with the logic of Sanctuary’s story, which Dr. Richard Panzer, Sanctuary’s president, affirmed as accurate: True Parents are doing fine; True Parents appoint Hyung Jin Nim’s couple to be their heir; True Father dies and True Mother goes off track; centering on True Father, Hyung Jin Nim’s couple restores True Parents.

I pointed out the error in this logic: If True Mother went off track, then True Parents weren’t really doing fine; if True Parents weren’t really doing fine, the appointment of Hyung Jin Nim’s couple is not valid, which means he’s not the heir of anything.

I understand why some don’t agree with the first point. By “doing fine” I meant the perfection of their marital love as True Parents, from which the Divine Principle says we cannot fall, because to believe otherwise would deny the omnipotence of God, the perfectibility of goodness itself, and the perfection of God (Exposition of the Divine Principle, p. 42). Simply put, true love is eternal, so if True Mother has gone off track, then her love was temporary, and she and True Father did not have true love. This means they weren’t True Parents. True Parents is not people as much as it is a relationship.

I then worked backward from the Sanctuary premise that the appointment is valid. If so, then True Parents were fine; if True Parents were fine, then True Mother was fine; if True Mother was fine, then she would not go off track; if True Mother is not off track, then she is True Parents; if True Mother is True Parents, then Hyung Jin Nim has to attend her; if Hyung Jin Nim is not attending her, then he is off track.

I then listed characteristics of being off track, and opined that they describe the results of the Sanctuary activities: separating from one’s parents, breaking up the family, dividing the community, sowing conflict and confusion, complaint, accusation and blame. An anonymous critic said that our Unification Church itself did the first two, so it’s okay for the Sanctuary Church to do so, and blamed True Mother for the other three. These are justified on Sanctuary’s premises, three of which I addressed next in the video.

Sanctuary claims that, one, True Mother changes things; two, she’s responsible for an institution they view as corrupt; and three, she is claiming undue authority. I state my view that these premises are unfounded, and Sanctuary is actually rejecting Father, who often changed things, who created and oversaw these institutions, and who proclaimed Mother’s authority.

The Sanctuary discounts this by saying that, one, Father had a right to change things but Mother doesn’t; two, the institutions had no dysfunction when Father was on earth; and, three, Mother’s authority was conditional on her unity with Father, which, by virtue of the first two points — changing things and creating institutional dysfunction — she has broken. Therefore, to reject Mother is to follow True Father. The second contention is simply untrue. The first and third are addressed in my subsequent content, where I point out that the foundation of the Sanctuary violates two principles fundamental to the Bible and Divine Principle.

The first violation is of the fifth commandment, to honor one’s father and mother. The Sanctuary admits to this, but appeals for exemption on three counts: True Mother has violated our religious rules and traditions; like Mary with Jesus, she has denied Hyung Jin Nim’s mission; and, she is an idolater.

Regarding the first, I stood on Jesus stating that to honor one’s father and mother is more important than religious rules and traditions (Mt. 15:19ff).

Regarding the second, I point out that True Mother has not denied Hyung Jin Nim’s mission; she just differs on what the mission is. Be that as it may, the precedent of Jesus rejecting his mother does not apply, because Jesus did so from the position of Mary’s Parent, but with Sanctuary, the mother is the Parent.

Regarding the third, King Asa removed his grandmother from the throne because she worshiped false gods (1 Kings 15:13; 2 Chron. 15:16). The Sanctuary Church argues that Heavenly Parent is a false god. In my video, I cited Wolli Wonbon regarding this, but since it is unpublished, I will make other references.

Exposition of the Divine Principle explains the male-female essence of God as the source of the universe’s plus-minus, yang-yin, male-female character. It states, “In recognition of God’s position as the internal and masculine subject partner, we call Him ‘Our Father.’” Thus the text justifies calling God “Our Mother” to recognize God’s position as the external and feminine object partner.

Father Moon said, “There have been many religions which believed in Heavenly Father but don’t have a concept of Heavenly Mother. That has been a shameful fact” (Abel Women’s UN Inauguration speech, transcript of PeaceTV recording, July 16, 2012). The Mosaic Law calls all people to honor both father and mother; prophets such as Hosea depict God’s motherly heart, and Paul refers to “the Jerusalem above” as “our mother” (Hosea 11:4; Galatians 4:26). Principle agrees with the Christian tradition that God as three persons — one of whom we view as female — is one. So to call God the one “Heavenly Parent,” a sex-inclusive term, is to worship the true God.

In sum, the Sanctuary Church is not exempt from the fifth commandment.

The second principle is not to put a married couple asunder. Jesus stated that husband and wife are no longer two — they are one, and what God has joined together, let no one put asunder. When True Father ascended, True Parents were one, and True Mother has not divorced True Father since then. So their separation is solely the Sanctuary’s attribution, which means the Sanctuary Church has put them asunder. By putting asunder what God put together, the Sanctuary is violating the principle of eternal true love marriage.

I concluded with a discussion of Paul’s teachings on marriage (Eph. 5:23ff): “For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.” Many take this to mean the wife is inferior to the husband. I disagree, for to deny the value of the body is to deny the purpose of creation culminating in the physical world, culminating in the woman, Eve. Denial of the goodness of the physical world was a Christian heresy, called Docetism, which ended up denying that Jesus came in the flesh.

Paul also said, “as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything” (Eph. 5:23). This is True Mother’s reality — she relates to Father as to God and, going beyond the New Testament, Father relates to Mother as to God, and God indwells in them both equally.

Dr. Hendricks’ original video, “Thoughts on Sanctuary Church.”

Then comes my reflection. I believe Father challenged Mother more than he did the disciples or children. When everyone went home, she stayed with Father, she carried the cross of True Parents with Father. Everyone had a hard time with Father at some point. Everyone I knew, once in a while, would vent about what Father was doing when he or she was beyond his hearing. But who was never outside Father’s hearing? Who knew everything, absorbed everything, wrestled with everything and brought unity on everything, for 52 years, from age 17, bearing 14 children, at the cost of her life? One woman.

True Father loves True Mother and she loves him. They are bone of bones, flesh of flesh. Together they have the victory. It is the victory of every husband and every wife. Because they did it, every man and woman can do it. To deny their oneness, which True Father proclaimed, is to deny that the image of God is made flesh in true husband and wife.

Going beyond the video, it strikes me that the Sanctuary has not accepted the closure of the Unification Church, the end of traditional religion and advent of the family age. The group apparently is a church, a fundamentalist church to boot, in which salvation hinges on their orthodoxy — the exact right texts, creeds, vows, anthem, chair and theological diagrams. The Unification Church was not like that, nor is the Family Federation.

The Sanctuary is generating a self-fulfilling prophecy. By this I mean that the credibility of True Parents rests in part on the oneness of their family, for which parents and children share responsibility. By breaking family unity, three sons are undermining True Parents’ credibility altogether.

This bleak outlook is mitigated in four ways. One, we observe growing oneness between Mother and her daughters. Two, in the author’s hearing, Father Moon stated that even if only three of his Abel-type children succeed, his mission is successful. Three, the global ministry of the Jubilee Years established the three-generation True Family oneness once and forever; no subsequent boundary-building can change that.

Finally, True Parents have tens of thousands of Cain-type children through the Blessing, some of whom align with the separated sons. The degree to which the Cain-type children remain as one family under God will be a major determinant of the history that unfolds from now. Let’s join our hands.♦

Dr. Tyler Hendricks (UTS Class of 1978) served as president of the Unification Church of America and of Unification Theological Seminary. He presently teaches online classes for the HSA-UTS certificate program, directs the online Center for Education at UTS, and conducts the weekly Holy Marriage Blessing radio ministry, which can be heard live at, Sundays at 7 am New York time.

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  1. First, thank you for posting Dr. Hendricks’ article. It is important that we have an educated, academic response to the Sanctuary Church’s position and I, as the Church leader of the Wales FFWPU Community here in the UK, am grateful for this and welcome it. I heard, only yesterday, that the influence of the Sanctuary church has reached many members around the world and consequently, has influenced them to join HJN’s group and this saddened me enormously especially as I hadn’t realised just how far his influence had spread. I guess the big problem for many is that we all love HJN as we love all the True Family but it is easy to see, once again, how “love” can be misused and misguided for personal reasons; hence, the importance of “reason” in bringing awareness for the need of stability in this situation. Dr. Hendricks’ response does just that, restore stability through a positive, intellectual though not emotional response to a very difficult situation. I continue to support True Mother and thus, True Parents as I see them as “One” person embodying God the Heavenly Parent.

  2. Father anointed and appointed Hyung Jin Nim as his heir with three ceremonies on two continents and installed him as international president of the movement. Father then worked closely with Hyung Jin Nim for the rest of his earthly life. The core issue is who decides Father’s legacy.

    1. Yes, but did Father’s appointment of Hyung Jin Nim (H2) place him under True Parents (collectively) or only under True Father? In other words, was it Father’s plan that H2 would not have to be subordinate to True Mother? If so, why would he have made such a plan, and what evidence is there that he did? And where would this leave Mother? Is she simply “out”? Or did TF intend for TM to be subordinate to her own youngest son?

      The argument that TF’s appointment of H2 made him independent of TM is solely designed to support the contention that TM cannot “fire” H2 from any position. In other words, H2 gets to do whatever he wants, even if TM says not to.

      For me, this means that H2 is rebelling against both his parents (not recognizing that Father’s death left his widow in authority over the “Prince” who is to rule the kingdom in loyalty to the “Queen”).

      I only dare to impute resentment and jealousy to the rebels because I recognize these character defects in myself. I invite the reader to take a glance at David Eaton’s post this week on Social Justice Warriors and their resentment. We all must use the Principle to analyze our own emotions and beg our Heavenly Father for the help we need to return to our proper position of receiving love from those who are closer to God than ourselves (such as True Mother)!

      1. I agree, Ed. Resentment is almost an impossible mindset to satisfy, especially anger and resentment on behalf of a parent. When God and Father are seen as the victims, and neither can speak readily, then they become an excuse for all kinds of unprincipled behavior justified by righteous indignation. You can see it in the listing of grievances that are constantly repeated and renewed.

        We need those grievances to justify whatever unloving behavior we may be be involved in. We dare not concede that maybe the other side might be right, because then we’d feel guilty for our own misbehavior. So the outrage must be constantly renewed and maintained. There is no end.

  3. In addition to Dr. Hendricks’ significant analysis, Father’s own words have informed us. At the Abel/UN Conference special HDH at the Palace in late July 2012, just one week before his illness that took him to the hospital, Father shared to a small group of 30 or so WFWP participants (I was one) and some Korean leaders present, that “if the pillars of the church come down, I will be with True Mother always…in her arms, loving her and guiding her.”

    A foreshadowing of this reference to the “pillars of the church coming down” prophecy was already expressed in Father’s 2010 East Garden morning talk. Then, he said that “after the last three years of the final condition before Foundation Day 2013, perhaps only 3 or 4 of my children will be left.” We now see that three strong children have “left” their leadership with the main church. Perhaps Dr. Hendricks’ mention of the three children united with Mother aligns with these earlier prophetic statements.

  4. Good summary of your position, Dr. Hendricks. However, if TF wanted TM to succeed him as his rightful heir, then why didn’t he crown her his successor instead of TF and TM crowning Hyung Jin Nim three times for that exact role? In Korean historical culture, isn’t it the son who carries on the historical legacy and lineage of the ruling father? There needs to be some clarification on this point; perhaps you could give it. I also heard that you went to speak in Houston, Dr. Hendricks. What other cities will you be visiting on your speaking tour?

    1. Dear Steve,

      I believe that True Mother’s crowning was simultaneous with True Father’s, in 1960. She is not a successor; she is co-founder. Regarding Korean historical culture, of course Father arose in Korea, but he sought to go beyond the tradition of any nation, including his own. My sermon in Houston was a one-off, by their invitation. I have a couple of other soft invitations but nothing definite at this point.

  5. On June 14, 1999, Father Moon gave an award to his beloved wife that reads:

    “To Hak Ja Han, President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. This honored person has come to earth having received the original God’s special calling, the mission of the True Mother of humankind, which is the fruit of the history of restoration. Through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience she has been victorious over a suffering course of restoration through indemnity known only to Heaven and has established the eternal tradition. Following her holy marriage in 1960, she fulfilled the mission of a true child in front of Heaven, a true wife in front of her husband, and the mission of a true parent in front of her children. Now, in 1999, when God’s providence of restoration and True Parents’ holy work of restoration is victoriously concluded in the spirit world and on earth, through the speaking tour promoting true family values globally, in eighty locations worldwide, you have given the textbook of True Parents’ life work to all people of the world. As original Adam of creation and the True Father of humankind, I present this honored person with this award for her work and with congratulations for her accomplishments. I thank her in front of Heaven, and praise her achievement in front of the spirit world, the earthly world and all descendants.”

    Father says in this award that Mother fulfilled the mission of a true child; that means Mother has perfected her bond of true love with God. Father also says Mother fulfilled her mission of a true wife; that means Mother has perfected a bond of true love with Father.

    True love cannot be broken; it’s eternal, so this bond of true love didn’t change the day Father went to the spirit world.

  6. Thank you, Tyler. Quite clear and sane. And beyond all of this, let’s recall: ““Whether you are destined for heaven or hell is not determined by your doctrines and perspectives… but by your daily life.” (Father)

      1. Here are two similar quotes:

        “The line where heaven and hell are divided is not determined by knowing or preaching well from the Bible, but through actual results and heart. Ultimately, the boundary between heaven and hell is the boundary of heart and the boundary of actual results.” (GSG,, 1970.7.19)

        “Good and evil are not determined by your beliefs and thoughts. They are determined by your daily life. Whether you are destined for heaven and hell is not determined by your doctrines and perspectives on the world, but by your daily life.” (Feb. 7, 1971)

  7. I have been amazed that members are joining the Sanctuary Church. I look at its actions and teachings and see an organization that seems to be very off-center — a kind of character assassination policy combined with a theory that is a mixture of fundamentalist Christianity, DP, conspiracy theory, and an apocalyptic view preparing for the downfall of civilized society.

    When one starts looking at the Book of Revelations and sees the literal fulfillment of the “whore of Babylon” in the person of True Mother; or adheres to all kinds of conspiracy theories about the U.S. government (Oklahoma City, etc.) and the hidden rulers of Earth (it’s there in HJN’s lectures); or spends week after week saying all manner of filthy and horrible things about True Mother and elder members, including spreading salacious rumors (isn’t spreading rumors supposed to be a bad thing, not an endorsed policy?) — not to mention by extension denigrating True Father by saying he presided over a “palace of malice,” etc. — those do not seem to be the kinds of actions we were taught.

    But add to this their ideology. They say True Mother cannot be God, because True Father was God Incarnate and there can only be one God. They teach a “Bride Theology” where all women, including second gen and blessed wives (thus not just unfallen women, but even those that passed through the three-day ceremony) are brides of True Father, and as such seem to advocate polygamy as the standard for the restored world, where women have two husbands; and H2 even states that husbands should be willing to fulfill the role of “best man” with the mission of standing outside the bridal chambers guarding the bride and bridegroom inside. There is a lot of weird ideological teachings if one looks at earlier presentations, before the constant attacks on True Mother took centerstage.

    But I also look at what the Sanctuary Church puts out and see why they gain members. They follow the easy practice of denigrating others and institutions, preach about corruption, do some historical rewrites (corruption in institutions after True Father left, not when he was in charge), and send out some videos and slides with distorted interpretations that can easily fool the gullible (thanks to Dan Fefferman for finding out their photo of H2 receiving the crown from True Father had True Mother Photoshopped out so it looks like H2 and his wife only received the crown from True Father). Then there was the odd video they promote about True Mother teaching a new version of the Fall that turned out to be a complete misrepresentation of the slide.

    I am more and more amazed by True Mother, who week after week has to endure the most horrible mud and filthy language being directed against her, to the point that she is labelled “the great prostitute.” She takes it all with such dignity, giving undying love despite the serious pain she must feel from the attacks of her own children.

  8. If Hyung-Jin Nim was clearly the anointed one and understood the Divine Principle, then he, in the Abel position, would be doing his utmost to restore his family’s fractured relationships and unite the movement rather than accentuate divisions.

    Notwithstanding, Tyler, I see another possible explanation regarding True Mother’s sad predicament that does not concur with your logic. Almost all members would accept the perfection of True Father and acknowledge that he was living in the direct dominion of God. However, do all those members accept that True Mother is also perfect and living in the direct dominion, just because Father said so at the end of his life? Father was above all extremely pragmatic. When once asked which was more important, ends or means, he responded without missing a beat “ends.” Perhaps Father foresaw what might happen when he departed this world and wanted members to accept Mother’s perfection in order to provide some continuity of leadership. Could Mother’s perfection, like our own Blessing — at this point — still be conditional?

    1. I agree heartily with your first point. As to your possible explanation, my view would be that Father made it clear enough, from 1968 at least, that their marriage was absolute, i.e., unconditional. This he reiterated over the decades. The Victorious Gospel 3 video, which I will post this coming Monday, gets into that 1960-67 period, and what Mother went through and they together accomplished and Father declared in 1968. For me, Father defined what it means to be in the direct dominion of God, and gave us a robust definition that went beyond his unique personality. Our teachings are that it is couples that enter God’s direct dominion, not individuals, if I’m not mistaken. He said, and this was toward the end of his life, that Mother defines what it means to be a true woman (I forget the exact term, but something like that). So I would echo that and say that Mother defines living in the direct dominion, and has for a long time, and — again to echo Father — so can each of us.

  9. So far, some of the explanations and responses have focused on doctrine, logic and intellectual content of the principle. Hyung Jin Nim, other true children and members have experienced deep pain and frustration for various reasons. Some have been loyal for many years and have endured through frustrations with the limitations and indifferences of the leadership and church as an institution.

    When some, as well as HJN, were unable to digest their pain and find a place of forgiveness toward leaders and/or others, they may have formed a new church and transferred their allegiances in an attempt to rationalize the inability to forgive. Others may be transferring their emotional need for a male Korean leader to the son and/or still grieving the loss of their leader. Some may transfer their feelings of rejection and identify with HJN who is glorifying his rejection by claiming to be the “new Jesus.”

    Much of this may be unconscious transference or consciously chosen in full awareness of the barriers of pain and resentment inside themselves. Either way, “they know not what they do,” but need love and forgiveness from those who were able to digest their pain and frustration or those who were inadequate in their leadership and did not understand the pain they were inflicting on others.

  10. True Father came to reveal a higher truth that explained contradictions in the Bible and to create world peace through ideal families. He did not come to create a new religion or social institution. The creation of the HSA-UWC was considered a strategic method to practically administer the movement he created.

    HSA-UWC as an institution seems to suffer from all the problems of other social institutions, whether they be other churches, governments, corporations, universities, or NGOs — there are limited budgets, leaders with views that differ, and workers whose views often differ from leaders. Many people are in positions that pay them and give them security, and they will irrationally defend the institution they work for in order to keep their monthly paycheck coming. Leaders often engage in programs for egotistical purposes, often not in line with the mission statement of the organization. Other people often appeal for grants that may or may not line up with the institution’s purpose. Many people mismanage money, often from lack of competence when they were appointed for loyalty.

    I see all of these institutional dynamics at work in the church under True Mother, but they also existed under True Father. They can lay seeds for resentment of people who feel treated unfairly or create what appears to be institutional hypocrisy. From this perspective, Sanctuary Church tends to point out these flaws in order to justify its existence. And it attracts others who are also focused on the flaws, or who feel they can find more meaning there, or who might have paid jobs, or might feel more personal love from the leaders. If one looks, one can find archangelic behavior and fallen nature in all social institutions, Unificationist or otherwise.

    For example, both CIG Constitutions are rife with conflicts of interest, both being written by people who give themselves political authority. However, spiritual leadership is based on love, not using the law as a club to assert authority. In a world of love, people should naturally follow others because of the love they receive. People in institutional positions often rationalize their authority or use the power of law. These methods are ultimately a form of coercion. I view some of the lawsuits to get property, or to ban the use of logos, or the use of official stamps on documents to assert power as rather Old Testament levels of behavior unbefitting a Completed Testament Age social institution, so I am not happy with a lot of behavior I see. Yet, I think it is our job to work together to make it better, just like we should work to make the United States a better country rather than leave it.

    Hyung Jin Nim was crowned. I witnessed it. But a crown prince in England doesn’t take over until the Queen is dead. If the crown prince tries to be king of another country of his own creation, it is not the country he was crowned in, so I’m not sure how much authority that has anyway. This period should be a time for Hyung Jin Nim to grow and prepare for future leadership. The spouting of complaints and pointing out of errors by Sanctuary Church does not seem to reflect the level of spiritual development that the church needs. At most, it is acting on the level of a prophet who points out errors, not a leader capable of guiding an entire flock. If he can overcome these resentments and engage in real problem-solving leadership, and gain lots of outside members who believe in the Divine Principle and work for world peace, then the crown prince may yet be able to assume the throne some day.

  11. Thank you Dr. Tyler Hendricks for your words of wisdom….It’s so heartbreaking and sad about Hyung Jin Im and his Sanctuary Church and how many members are following him.

  12. Thank you, Tyler, for again giving a good reflection on how SC has gone off track. We who love and support our TP and their mission, feel betrayed by SC.

    One year ago, we were all working toward the same goal. Now, the SC aspires to take over TP mission and exclude TM from her rightful position.

    There is unfortunately no point in dialoging with them. I have tried to share Father’s slogan with them,”forgive, love and unite,” but there is no response from any SC member that even acknowledges the need to do these things.

    All we can do is pray that God reveals to them the need to repent and come back to TP and love and support our TM.

  13. Thank you for this very detailed and logical explanation about the various points of accusations. Besides that, I feel, it seems to reflect the reality of blessed couples in their relationship with their partners. If you are getting closer to the level of oneness with your partner, it’s absolutely clear two are becoming one. There is a difference in the way of doing things, but True Father and True Mother are one. And, yes, we are challenged too to apply “God’s thinking” in our life.

  14. No one determines another’s legacy. One’s legacy is determined by the actions of the person himself/herself. What is at issue is whether we accept True Mother’s authority, nothing more. Issues about transparency, undue influence or a host of other matters are not what have justified our faith in True Parents. If they were, most of us would be long gone. Thank you, Dr. Hendricks, for your insights here.

  15. We are a blessed family (one of the 30,000 couples). My wife is a spirit. She passed away 8 years ago. I know other blessed families where one of the couple passed away. After communicating with those families, I realized that many of such blessed families actually feel they are living together, in a way that the spiritual person is using the body of the one on the earth together. I feel like that. After 3 years had passed since my wife went, I and my daughter felt like sometimes I was doing something she would do, not me. My life became more busy because she has something to do with my body together with my own work.

    So, I believe in True Mother naturally seeing True Father is vividly in her. And as the Principle, the concept of four position foundation, says, the level of the relationship of spouses is the premise of the parent-child relationship. A married couple can have many things not known by the kids, as known in the actual world 🙂

  16. Picking up on the exchange between Steve H. and Tyler above, I fully agree with Tyler’s point that True Mother’s leadership is not succession, but continuation. The testimony by Moriyama-san beautifully brings out the nuances. Once that point is in place, then we can come to a better understanding of the significance of the ceremonies in January 2009.

  17. Thank you, Dr. Hendricks, for helping to clarify issues concerning the Sanctuary Church and their activities. I am just a young member who joined the church in 2010 in Cameroon. I just heard of Sanctuary Church and its activities, especially criticizing our True Mother about her leadership role. It is very unnatural for us here in Africa to criticize one’s parents. Even in your quarter, not to talk of the world, I think Hyung Jin Nim is going too far. We in Africa consider True Children our models and by going against True Parents it is like betraying our confidence in them. We hope he will soon come back to his mother. Just as True Father said “Children will always come back to their parents,” we don’t want to spend our energy talking about SC, but instead concentrate on tribal messiahship which is very fundamental. I thank also Dr. Andrew Wilson for his heart-touching lecture on “The Theological Significance OF True Mother.”

  18. To add to the quotes of John Williams that action is more important than thought, likewise experience with the living God is more important than elucidated thoughts on doctrines. However, DP is an important entrance to this experience, in my opinion the best ever that came to humankind.

    However, if each could only experience the heart of God that shines through True Parents then there would not be any deviation. In essence, it means the SC leader did experience True Father’s heart to a certain extent, but missed to capture the heart of God revealed through True Mother. Actually, if he had more deeply connected with Father he would have realized how deeply True Parents are involved with each other.

    In my humble experience one needs to go through hardships to find True Parent’s heart, care and have profound experiences with them. They are not found at the place of superficial joy but at the core of God’s heart that is not happy. Everyone who suffers due to injures received on the frontline finds him/herself in the embrace of True Parent’s love.

    This is the reality I have discovered and therefore I do not abandon suffering, but welcome it as the door opener to experience True Parents.

    Some people who seemingly go smoothly through life are perhaps lucky, but they always will be uncertain about the reality of True Parents, because they only scratch the surface, unable to dive deep, not seeing the reality of deep water made of tears.

  19. I read your post and watched your video lectures for about a month after I got the link from my church elder. My first reaction when I heard of Sanctuary Church was they are strange. My first thought was that it’s wrong all around. They are rejecting Mother, but how could you reject Mother without doing the same to Father? True Parents are one. And if Mother is not in the spirit world, then True Parents are on the Earth. That was my first thought, even before listening to the lectures. I’m glad I wasn’t wrong in my feeling and intuition.

  20. I really enjoyed reading the AU Blog here, clear, precise and logical.

    You mention the fifth commandment and Sanctuary has three reasons for not following it. The Commandments appear in the Bible as God’s commands to the chosen people and so through them to all the world. Any Sunday there is a church somewhere attending a sermon about these commandments, which have become a base for civilization. Since the Ten Commandments come from God and have an eternal character, to claim to be exempt from one is to deny the eternal and absolute value of all the other nine as well as the Origin of these Commandments. That is to deny God. So whatever other reasons are put forward they appear to me to be invalid as the denial of God is their base.

  21. Thank you, Tyler, for your excellent article.

    I used to argue on Facebook with Sanctuarians but after attending the forgiveness ceremony in Spain I felt it’s a waste of time and energy.

    Instead, I pray for the prodigal sons to repent and turn back home. After all, they are True Children, they have their original mind, consciousness and individual responsibility. It’s never too late to come back home.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be informed about what’s going on. In fact, I’m of the opinion that the Movement should inform menders and our children.

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