The Geese at Belvedere Holy Rock and Other Poems


By Donna FerrantelloDr.Ferrantello edit

The Geese at Belvedere Holy Rock

It was early morning.
Walking at the Belvedere Estate along the Hudson River…

I heard a great flock of Canadian geese from afar away,
And then, saw them circling around in the sky.
They flew off in the distance…honking, honking, honking,

I continued my walk…
in prayerful wondering about nature’s ways…

Then, one flock of geese returned,
Riding high — as though on an invisible highway
of going places at high speeds —
and somehow, almost decidedly
circling and returning to see the rock where I stood,
their honking stopped…

One by one —
each goose slowed to an abrupt stop way above my head….
Each one glided down,
braking like tiny airplanes preparing for landing…
and each landed gently on the ground near me….

A congregant of geese now stood attentively on the grass,
next to our Holy Prayer Rock on the hillside
(where many prayers have been offered here….)
All awaited in this landscape amidst the spacious beyond.

Again, from the distant sky,
a second honking flock of geese circled around above me
and they too stopped honking….

Noiselessly, one by one,
each began to float down,
with wings extended like a parachute.
Each floating goose
made landing on the grassy hillside.

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