Towards God’s Ideal for Gender Relations

Foundation Day

by Andrew Wilson, Professor of Scriptural Studies, UTS


WilsonThis article was originally a sermon I gave in February shortly before Foundation Day. I am convinced that proper application of the Principle of Creation will require a better understanding of gender relations and of our relationship to a God who contains both genders within Him/Herself.  A better understanding of gender relations affects applications of the Principle at all levels, from our relationship with God, to building ideal families, and developing paradigms for good governance and peace-building. Nonetheless, many members have been content to conduct their life of faith according to the conventional Christian concept of the Fatherhood of God. Lack of attention to this matter may even be a fundamental reason for the movement’s current difficulties.

 A few days ago, True Mother, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, made a very important proclamation, in which she said that we should not pray anymore to “Heavenly Father,” but to “Heavenly Parent.” There is a profound significance in this for the upcoming Foundation Day, which I want to explain.

Foundation Day is supposed to be the beginning of Cheon Il Guk, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. How does the Kingdom come into substantial reality? The Kingdom of Heaven is the family of God, and its citizens are people who are confident in God’s love for them and who love each other with God’s love. We all long for this to become a reality, yet all around us we see brokenness, imperfection and dysfunction. It is hard to find any true examples of the ideal.

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