East Meets West Via the Arts

By David Eaton

Beauty has a transcendent aspect and whether we experience beauty through nature, or art, or through human relationships, we can be uplifted by beauty and attain a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Parent and with each other as brothers and sisters. In this sense the aesthetic beauty of art in general, and music in particular, can be considered religious.

Regarding the true spirit of artistic creativity, we read in Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 10, Ch. 3:

The ultimate goal of artists, and those who work with the arts, is to reach the world of God’s heart … God’s ideal of creation for the created world arose from that heart. The starting point of art is the desire to represent that heart.

Accordingly, in the world of art there are no national boundaries. The purpose of art is not to serve as a tool of an ideology or an agenda. Its fundamental principles are harmony and unity. Divisiveness and conflict are fruits of fallen nature. Therefore the world of art demonstrates universal characteristics in all directions, bringing the East to understand the West and the West to accept the East.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon often said that “music and religion go hand in hand.” The word “religion” stems from the Latin ligare, which means “to bind.” Religion, then, is a process or method by which we can “re-bind” to God. Implicit in this explanation is the idea that at one point God and humankind were not separated and religion became a way to “re-bind” Heavenly Parent with the children who were separated due to the human fall.

Scripture also reminds us that all creation “groans in travail” awaiting the revealing of the children of God and the redemption of our bodies (Rom. 8:19-23). Attaining the Three Blessings and going the way of restoration is the means by which we can “re-bind” with Heavenly Parent and bring the creative process out of Lucifer’s domain and back to its rightful and godly position and purpose. Because Lucifer usurped creativity’s true purpose in Eden by way of false love, many artists have been similarly seduced by false attitudes regarding their creative gifts, and this has resulted in immorality, self-aggrandizement and selfishness in the artistic sphere for thousands of years. Rev. Moon often mentioned these pitfalls in various meetings with artists.

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The Principled Solution to the Tangled Skein of History Begins in Korea

By Sun Myung Moon

This is a selection of From the One to All Beings, commonly known in the Unification Church as Wolli Wonbon, which Sun Myung Moon wrote in 1951 while living as a refugee in Pusan. The only book that he wrote in his own hand, its nearly 700 pages covers all aspects of the Divine Principle and lays out a roadmap of the mission that he dedicated himself to fulfill in his lifetime.

Speaking of this book, the author said, “I wrote the ideas in condensed form, like poetry. Since I just wrote the essential points, people could not easily understand it unless I explained the main points to them.”[1] Here you can taste the poetic and allusive nature of this text and the special feeling that it conveys. To fully grasp the meaning of even a single paragraph, the translators[2] had to read and reread it at least 30 times. Even so, the reader may also find that it requires special effort to fully comprehend these words.

The chapter on Korea has four sections; this is the entire fourth section. It explains why Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon (True Parents) have been making efforts to bring unification to the Korean peninsula, which they see as the key to ending the historical conflict between democracy and communism and inaugurating a world of lasting peace. It also explains how this conflict can be ended; not mainly by political, military, economic, or diplomatic means but by having all people center on Heavenly Parent.

At this time when True Mother is so focused on achieving this goal, the translators present this text to the public with the hope that Sun Myung Moon’s words of 70 years ago will provide people with vision and purpose for carrying out this essential task, which is for the sake of all humankind.

◊ ◊ ◊

History has been winding on and on through 6,000 years to arrive at today. It should have wound freely beginning with the One as the clue. But from the start its windings were twisted and tangled, so much so that it appeared like a lumpy pile of thread, and no one could recognize the beginning or the end of it. How can we not but lament over this history?

People have struggled to get through history that is tangled like a pile of thread in order to escape from their distress. Yet, history was too tangled for people to understand the reality of the Clue, and hence they could neither grasp its beginning nor its end.

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