Farewell Until We Meet Again, Mom

By Robert Brooks

Before my Mother passed into the Spirit World, I was given a perfect opportunity to offer her my final thoughts.

Ours was a tenuous relationship at times, often marked by long periods of silence. Her fears concerning my chosen faith course would often lead up to our intermittent silences. Before she ascended, my mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia, and that robbed her of her short-term memory. When I learned of her illness and its dire effects, it came to me clearly that my actions and words would be offered to insure her successful, unfettered ascension.

And so, my wife and I made plans to visit. She had moved far away, but there was still time. When we arrived at her home, my Mother looked both happy and relieved. Our last visit was a good time; sharing time, stories, laughter, and memories of long ago.

The day before my Mother passed, my sister, her caregiver, emailed to say Mom was fading fast and Hospice didn’t see her living much longer. If I wanted to, I could call and my sister would place the phone near her on speaker so Mom could hear and I could offer my farewell. My oldest son, viewing my distress with this sudden yet expected turn of events, suggested I sleep on my final words and compose my thoughts the next morning.

Following his advice, early the next day, somewhat surprisingly, the paper pulled the ink from my pen as fast as I could write. Forty some minutes after I got through on the phone and offered her these words, my Mother passed into the Spirit World where she now enjoys a successful ascension.

January 31, 2017

On the eve of your passing, Mom, I offer these final thoughts.

You are about to enter what is now a “great unknown.” There are however, many positives attached to your crossing over. You are about to begin a whole new life experience. Many, many of the people you have known in this life are already there. Your mother is there, so is your father, your sisters, your grandparents, all your friends from this life who have gone on before. Some are happy, some content, and some are confused still. Life on the other side for you will be a whole new life, a life without time. You will find it to be a life where positive feelings matter most. You will encounter people there who will offer to help you adjust. Let them. Above all else, there, there is an atmosphere of love, true, unfettered by time, love. I’m told and I believe it is an existence where love is the oxygen you breathe. You will breathe love.

Rob Brooks (right) and his Mother, June 2016.

Someday I will be there too and my hope today is this. When I get there I hope to find you happy, alert and oriented, and breathing love.

Fare well for now Mother of mine. You brought me into this world. I know love from my children, a love beyond which there is no description. I know love from my spouse and mine to her. It is a love we built together, a love that we find every day and within all the moments each day brings. For life, I thank you. With life I found love.

I love you and wish you wealth of spirit, happiness of heart and love in your new life.♦

Rob Brooks is an Elder Care Adviser and Medicaid Specialist for the pas​t​ 20 years. He is Managing Editor for the New World Encyclopedia and was Publications Director for the International Religious Foundation and International Cultural Foundation. Rob lives in Saugerties, NY, with his wife of 25 years. Together they have one daughter and three sons.

4 thoughts on “Farewell Until We Meet Again, Mom

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. My last words to my dad on the phone were much briefer — “I love you, dad.” This takes that to another level.

  2. Thank you, Rob, for sharing this. Really appreciated. My mom is 96. This is giving me content to help her prepare (without having to read a book) and take away some of the fears of this unknown… instead of doing nothing and ignoring what’s coming.

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