Applied Unificationism’s Third “Blog-iversary”


The Applied Unificationism (AU) Blog launched three years ago on May 1, 2013. Its host, Unification Theological Seminary, aimed to create a site where worthy ideas applying Unificationism to all aspects of society could be regularly discussed among members and friends of the FFWPU and related organizations. We have also sought to make it a place where the future of the Family Federation and its work may be thoughtfully discussed. We post new articles several times a month.

To date, the AU Blog has received over 155,000 page views from 191 countries and territories, with 575 email followers, published 180 articles and posted over 1,450 comments. Our posts are regularly referred from Facebook, Google Search, email discussion groups, and the UTS Alumni site, among others. Our active Twitter feed is @UTS_AU_Blog and our Facebook page links to every article posted.

The AU Blog provides a responsible forum where Unificationists worldwide can discuss social, political, economic, and cultural, as well as theological and governance issues, from a Unification perspective.

Some articles have generated a large number of site hits, in several cases over 1,700 in a day. Our top article in the past year was “The Only-Begotten Daughter” by Dr. Andrew Wilson. Article contributors include UTS faculty (current, former, full-time, and adjunct) and a growing broad range of writers from around the world. Some authors are UTS graduates but many are not.

We post occasional film and book reviews, and have also published several collections of poetry. We especially encourage submissions from second generation Unificationists. As always, we welcome new op-ed/commentary submissions of 1,200-1,800 words (see our guidelines). To submit an article or review for consideration by the AU Blog, email the Managing Editor, Dr. Mark Barry.

If you haven’t already done so, please “Follow” the AU Blog by signing up on our home page to receive an email each time we post something new. We look forward to your continuing engagement with the AU Blog in its fourth year of operation.

Dr. Mark P. Barry
Managing Editor, Applied Unificationism

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