A Proposal for a New Way of Worship

By Tyler Hendricks Sociological research finds that healthy marriage and family life is the key to personal happiness and societal peace and progress. Natural families — lifelong, married, two-parent (man-woman) households — produce individuals who are significantly happier, healthier and more successful than those created out of any other family structure. Historical research finds that… Continue Reading →

The Mission of the New Truth

By Tyler Hendricks Rev. Sun Myung Moon spoke on both sides of many matters. He considered God to appear as Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, but addressed Him only as Heavenly Father. He referred to himself and his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, as being free from original sin and as having original sin. Father… Continue Reading →

Want To Be a Minister?

By Tyler Hendricks The path to professional ministry would seem to be simple, but it is very complex — for the aspirant and for the community they hope to serve. In order to ordain their spiritual leaders, i.e., pastors, religious institutions have to: define their purposes, their beliefs, their standards of practice for members as… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Sanctuary Church, Revisited

By Tyler Hendricks My recent video, “Thoughts on Sanctuary Church,” elicited affirmative responses as well as detailed criticism and ad hominem comments. I’m grateful for it all and want to summarize “Thoughts” and the main criticisms, and respond to the latter. I began with the logic of Sanctuary’s story, which Dr. Richard Panzer, Sanctuary’s president,… Continue Reading →

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