Emerging Women’s Ministry

By Grace Selover Jesus taught the early Christians that they should open their eyes, look closely at the fields and realize the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Matt. 9:37). Indeed, the current situation of the Unification Church is as pressing as it was in Jesus’ ministry. With the Vision 2020 deadline approaching,… Continue Reading →

The Unification Pater-Materfamilias

By Alexa Blonner The Paterfamilias motif has dominated world religious history.  It is most obvious in the Roman Catholic Pontiff, but the senior male as the “family” head, holding chief responsibility for carrying out householder and state religious rites and other duties, is a familiar one in most cultures. The True Parents doctrine of the Unification faith… Continue Reading →

Filial Piety to God and True Parents

By Andrew Wilson True Mother calls the culture of Cheon Il Guk “hyo-jeong culture.” Hyo is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character 孝 (Chinese pronunciation xiào) meaning filial piety, and jeong (정) is a pure Korean term meaning a deep connection of heart to one another. Dr. Thomas Selover, in a brilliant paper presented at a… Continue Reading →

Challenges to True Mother’s Leadership

Part II of a two-part article. Part I can be read here. By Thomas Selover Many factors can be identified as contributing causes to the direct challenges that True Mother’s leadership has faced. Here I will focus on two elements of East Asian culture, the concept of filial piety and the Korean royal tradition. The… Continue Reading →

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