Authoritarianism and the Unity of Denominations / Religions

By Keisuke Noda Denominational splits are one of the most challenging issues in the Unification movement. As Unificationism presents itself as the “new truth” to resolve religious/denominational divides, the claimant carries the burden of demonstrating its truth with evidence. Even if Unificationists cannot solve this reality immediately, they should at least be able to articulate the Unificationist… Continue Reading →

The Paradox of Religious / Denominational Unity

By Keisuke Noda Unificationism calls for the “unity” of religions. The Divine Principle (the Principle), the main text of Unificationist teachings and their systematic exposition, presents the Principle as the “new truth” to unify all religions/denominations and argues its superiority based on its capacity for unity. Ongoing denominational divisions in the Unification Movement (UM) seem… Continue Reading →

Meaning, Vacuum and Autonomy

By Keisuke Noda “Existential Vacuum” is a term coined by Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor psychiatrist, best known for his book, Man’s Search for Meaning. It is the concept used to describe the meaninglessness or emptiness of life. Critical issues in the Unification Movement (UM), such as denominational rifts and other matters previously unknown to… Continue Reading →

The Ethics of Care

By Keisuke Noda The ethics of care is an emerging discipline developed by feminist ethicists in the latter half of the 20th century. It has gradually gained support from non-feminist ethicists and is now examined not as a feminist ethics but as a possible general ethical theory. Care ethics has three main characteristics: It views… Continue Reading →

Rationality and Unification

By Keisuke Noda The idea of “Unification” is central to the Unification Movement. The current reality of the movement is that there is no clear path toward this ideal. This lack of a path, be it conceptual or real, is critical to a movement that carries the banner of “unification” both in doctrine and title…. Continue Reading →

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